Hello visitor and thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Dorotea Szkolar and I am a graduate student, in my last semester of earning my Master’s of Library and Information Sciences at Syracuse University with a specialization in Digital Libraries.  I am an aspiring digital librarian and metadata professional, and currently looking for full-time opportunities.

Professional Skills:

Because of my specialization in Digital Libraries, my graduate coursework continues to cover a wide array of practices, issues and technologies specific to digital libraries including:

  • Metadata Record Creation, Schema and Interoperability
  • Digital Collection Management
  • Creating, Managing and Preserving Digital Assets
  • Database Management
  • Information Architecture for Internet Services
  • Grant Writing
  • Copyright
  • Social Media
  • Planning, Marketing and Assessment
  • SQL
  • HTML

I completed an internship with the Mountain West Digital Library,  an online portal that provides free access to over 670,000 resources in more than 360 collections from academic libraries, archives, public libraries, museums, historical societies and government entities in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and other parts of the U.S. West.  I researched, analyzed and composed a report on spatial metadata interoperability issues within the MWDL.  By identifying issues of interoperability, I was able to make several recommendations and options for resolving such issues in order to best support map-based initiatives and long term interoperability.  The internship trained me in:

  • Dublin Core Metadata Schema
  • Metadata Cross Walking and Harvesting
  • Open Archives Initiative
  • Metadata Interoperability, specifically for geo-spaital metadata

My soft skills include:

  • Exceptional Communication, Analytical and Interpersonal skills
  • Experienced Researcher
  • Experienced Writer and Editor
  • Effective Public Speaker
  • Ability to Balance Working both Independently and as Part of a Team
  • Self-Starter

Professional Bio.

Before entering graduate school, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in History at SUNY Binghamton and worked extensively at several non-profits including the Bundy Museum of History & Art, White Plains Ecumenical Food Pantry and Community Options Inc. My primary responsibilities, while working as a museum assistant administrator, included historical research, planning, managing, and marketing events including Victorian High Teas and Film Festivals, serving as the primary tour guide, assisting with long term goals and paperwork, and overall day to day management of a historical home. Through working on historical research and educating visitors on the collections, I became very interested in the possibilities presented by digitizing collections.  I wanted to learn how a wide variety of valuable historical information and collections could not only be digitized and preserved for generations to come, but then made accessible and shared using modern technologies. I decided to take my career to the next level by enrolling in the M.S.L.I.S. program with a CAS in Digital Libraries at Syracuse University.

After my completing my core classes, I became especially interested in metadata and its importance for information retrieval and organization, especially in academic digital initiatives and collections.  Doing my second year at a distance allowed me the opportunity to intern at the Mountain West Digital Library (MWDL), located at the University of Utah, while working as a research editor at Utah Business Magazine and continuing my classes.  I focused my internship on researching geospatial metadata interoperability for the MWDL’s new map-based digital initiatives, and gaining professional hands on experience with metadata.  As the Research Editor for Utah Business Magazine, I was responsible for contacting, researching and authenticating data about businesses for major publications like Utah’s Major Employers Guide and the Book of Lists.  Additionally, I wrote for Information Space, the I-School’s official blog, on a number of topics in the library sciences

Why Digital Libraries?

Specifically, what interests me in librarianship is metadata, digitization, technology, research & academic libraries, facilitating access and, of course, innovation to surpass current challenges in the field.  Just a few of the challenges in librarianship include how to advance our institutions to support improved information search and retrieval for users’ needs, greater access to databases and information networks (not only in terms of technology and infrastructure, but also in regard to policy, copyright, publishing/culture, funding etc), and how to be welcoming and relevant resources to not only for our local communities, but for the benefit of the larger world as well.  I am excited that such conversations are taking place and that upcoming professionals, such as myself, have the opportunity to further evolve the foundations of librarianship in new and exciting ways by taking on these challenges!   I am fascinated by how digital librarians are able to utilize technology to build, manage and provide further access to large databases and repositories.  Also, there are opportunities to collaborate across multiple fields and groups, in order to innovate and improve information across the world.  More importantly, I am eager to find my role in all this.  My aim is to become an established metadata master, able to understand and set standards and build infrastructure which can better facilitate search and organization, harvesting, cross walking, etc.,  of large data sets and digital collections.  I also want to innovate, collaborate and publish on projects that do not simply digitize or create metadata, but expand what digital libraries are capable of

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